"Because I am nonnative English speaker, I needed an editor for my graduate work. Throughout the process of preparing my dissertation proposal and the actual writing of the chapters, Julie played a significant role in the way I progressed in my work. I can honestly say that working with her enabled me to finish my doctorate at least a year in advanced."
-Luis Y Castaneda, Ph.D.

What I offer:
I offer proofreading, line-editing and more substantive revision of academic papers, articles, theses, dissertations and book manuscripts. My knowledge of graduate education and of the academic publishing industry has given me the expertise necessary to provide clear, concise writing feedback to graduate students and scholars in a variety of fields. My linguistic skills and familiarity with the peer review process makes me an ideal prospective colleague for editing your work in a timely manner.

Why edit?
There are a number of reasons a writer might seek an editor. You may need a professional eye to review your already polished article for grammatical precision or content inconsistencies before sending it to publication. You may be looking for someone who can offer you comprehensive suggestions on how to more clearly, concisely and professionally convey your piece. Or, your needs may fall somewhere in between proofreading, line editing and substantive revisions. As your editor, I promise to work closely with you to help prepare your writing for your target audience.

To contact me with questions or a prospective editing project, send an email to juliemlind@gmail.com.